mikey-erg-warren-franklin-split-reviewThis morning I woke up at 8am and then rolled over on the couch. 9am I told myself…and then at 9:15 I stumbled over to my phone, texted an editor, found out there was nothing to write and then put on Mikey Erg and Warren Franklin’s Split. It gave me a taste of nostalgia for a decade I was never a part of but then made me play favorites like some sort of honest parent – parents who say they don’t have a favorite are liars.

So four tracks, two songs each – one was bound to win me over more than the other and when it came to each artist and their songs, that was the case as well. I’m going to be a liar and say that the playing level was easy and just talk about the better of each pair of tracks. For Mikey Erg, the greaser vibes of “You’ve Never Heard ‘My Aim Is True’” was a better ride than “Three Cheers for the Liberty Bells.” I just felt like I was listening to some more mature What’s Eating Gilbert with the first, while the other just sort of sat there. That’s how I felt with Warren Franklin’s “Please Return.” It played but my mind didn’t stay, but at least “See Him Again” was there to pull it together them in the end with some soft rock.

Mikey Erg and Warren Franklin went well together and I’ll let you go ahead and pick your favorite of the pair. In the mean time I think I’m going to go back to the couch for what’ll be my second nap of the day (I’m aware it’s 11am and I’m what’s wrong with my generation). While I do that, you can get Split because it’s out now on Count Your Lucky Stars.

top-10-thursday-90s-tv-theme-songsYou might think there is a ton missing from this list but keep in mind I only did shows that started in the ‘90s. So that unfortunately means I had to leave out Baywatch – which arguably has one of the greatest theme songs ever because it debuted in 1989. The same can be said of Full House. I didn’t realize that shit came out the year I was born…weird. Anyways, let’s get nostalgic with my favorite decade and medium, the ‘90s and TV.

Bananas In Pajamas

All That

Lamb Chop’s Play-Along

7th Heaven

Tiny Toons

Step by Step

Darkwing Duck

Living Single

California Dreams


wrapped-in-the-covers-golden-girls-theme-songIn case you didn’t know – I’d trade a lot of things for TV. It’s my number one love and this week marked the beginning of all my regular shows trickling back into my life and making it feel full again. So I decided to go with one of my favorite theme songs to showcase that excitement. Plus, these Girls are who I spend most of my time with…really, on the weekends you most late nights you can find me on the couch pretending I’m gabbing about boys with cheesecake and ice-cream delights with four lovely ladies down in Florida.

Erin Walter

Matthew Gray Gubler

Rae Thompson

Honor Society

Annie Stokes