ash-briggs-ep-reviewMonday, oh Monday…I had something planned for you and then I was stuck recovering from a trip to Concord to see Paramore kick ass and Fall Out Boy, well, exist on a stage and sing songs I once regarded as monumental parts of my life. Now it’s Tuesday and Ash Briggs’ self-titled EP is keeping me company as I collect addresses for the 43342 birthday cards that have to be sent out this week. Her acoustic folk plays like older sister of an Allison Weiss record – even though I’m sure in reality Ash is the younger biologically.

Overall every song was wonderfully sung. There was never any strain on Ash’s voice and it came out like a perfect set at a local coffeehouse. There was never a lot of oomph going on in the songs though, hence why she’s like a mature sounding Weiss. It never got playful in the beat, they were all serious toned but each carried a different story. “Me & You” about time getting away from a pair, and my favorite “The Other Side” being about heading towards happiness on your own. The simplicity of this record is what really stood out and while you can hear it in all five tracks, you hear it best in “Hollow.”

Ash Briggs brings you a record full of human emotion packaged in a handful of songs that do a great job at having a similar sound throughout but managing to be individuals. If you like those singer songwriter types who are a bit alternative in their ways, check out Ash Briggs, out now.

like-the-stars-the-guidelines-of-love-and-liesEvery so often we’re going to do a Flash back Friday here on Golden Mixtape. These #FBF will focus on just the posts that came from a time this site was merely just another page on Tumblr. First up, the first review ever posted on anything of the mixtape golden!

Do you get approached by those bands after a long day at Warped Tour who ask you to listen to their music and try and get you to buy it for like 5 bucks? I hate when those bands are good, but my bank account is low. That’s how I feel about Like the Stars. I mean they didn’t approach me after a long day in the sun, but as I sat taking notes to this band that was new to me, I fell more and more in love with their music as The Guidelines of Love & Lies played on and I knew that had they came up and asked me to listen, I’d be out 5 bucks at the end. Forever a sucker for a great title, this one’s full of them and the ones that catch your eye will be the ones to catch your ears. “It’s All Downhill from Nineteen” (so true) and “Sabatoge is the New Black” are ones that I can’t stop from hitting repeat on. A sucker for slow jams, “It’s All Downhill from Nineteen” may reach the top of my iTunes “most played” list yet. If you’re a fan of bands like Artist Vs Poet and The Summer Set, well damn, here’s another one to add to your life, you’re welcome.

top-10-thursday-monumentourIt was an easy pick this week…Fall Out Boy and Paramore since that’s where I’ll be on Sunday. If you missed this week’s “Wrapped in the Covers” it follows the same theme. So check it out now and then after that get back here and listen to my favorite FOB and Paramore songs.

10. Yule Shoot Your Eye Out

9. Here We Go Again

8. Hum Hallelujah

7. (One of Those) Crazy Girls

6. Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year

5. Playing God

4. Calm Before the Storm

3. Looking Up

2. Growing Up

1. Grow Up