Wrapped in the Covers: The Academy Is… “Slow Down”

Photo Credit: marielangelax.tumblr.com
Photo Credit: marielangelax.tumblr.com

There was no song picked for this week. I heard some Alicia Keys song in 7-Eleven that remained in my head as I was walking home – but it wasn’t something I’d care to hear again, or hear covers of. So that was scratched and as I came to my halfway point on my walk home, the smell of McDonalds lingered in the air and I thought about summer songs. The same summer I was addicted to Everything in Transit, there was another album that was played just as much. Oh The Academy Is…, why won’t you just do a ten year tour of Almost Here, make some money and then get back to whatever it is you all are up to nowadays? Since they only want to play a show in Chicago – these covers of “Slow Down” will have to do.

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The Soulful Sisters Nalani & Sarina

nalani-and-sarina-interview-golden-mixtape (3)
Having a sister is foreign to me. I grew up between two boys and that’s obvious if you ask me about makeup or challenge me to a wrestling match. While my older brother’s now ex, has always been around – I’ve never known what it’s like to have that sisterly bond. I’ve seen it in friends and know that it’s one of the strongest things out there. They share everything and while they have friends who aren’t related, it’s clear that their sister is their real best friend for life.

That friendship is only intensified when your sister happens to be your twin. That’s the case for Nalani and Sarina. They not only share their lives, but their careers. Comparing themselves to The Glimmer Twins, this pair have a set of pipes that have taken them from singing to one another in their bedroom to stages around the country – and they’re just getting started. They have a ton of shows on the horizon, but before they hit the road get to know Nalani and Sarina a little bit more from their worldly outlook to where they got their soul.

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Milo McMahon: Who I Knew

The Rock is on in the other room. It’s a show about football that I think eight people on the planet are watching, and two happened to be in this apartment. Instead of smelling what the wrestler turned actor is cooking, I’m listening to Milo McMahon’s Who I Knew to get a jump start on the week. I had to lay down for this one because straight up – it wasn’t something I’d personally want to get down to on my own. Instead it took elements from decades past and then found its way back into today – somewhere off the Silverlake exit, maybe even in some corner of Williamsburg.

Who I Knew ends with the song of the same name and seeing that it was the highlight, I wanted to note it first. It was the only one I could see liking out in the world. Like, hearing it play in a store, and tapping my finger to. Compared the the others, it was the one that sounded like the here and now. That leads me to “Caveman” and “All Or Nothing.” The prehistoric one could be the soundtrack for someone into herbal refreshments and coffee shops, while the other is a b-side of a Spin Doctors record. In the confines of only four songs, Milo manages to time travel with you.

A show about the business side of football has since been replaced by a video game about a father and daughter trying to survive some sort of disaster. While they strive to live, I’m winding down and ready to leave Who I Knew for those who’d appreciate it a lot more than me. If you’re a fan of indie rock that has psychedelic sparks, then this one’s for you. So check out Milo McMahon’s latest, out now.