hannah-gill-interview-golden-mixtapeFor the past two weeks that Hozier song has been in and out of my head, and I hate it. I don’t get those types of artists that come out of the blue to dominate. I think his song has been residing in my brain though because I listened to Hannah Gill’s rendition of it around that time. I blame her, but I can’t hate her because she did a fine job covering it. Hey, you know I like my cover jams.

Anyways, Gill is a 17-year-old with the sound of someone who’s been doing the music thing for decades. Hannah’s mature ways play out nicely on her EP I Feel Awake, that dropped January 20. So it hasn’t been out too long now – so while you’re checking that out, you can also continue reading on to find out what it’s like to be the only girl in the boy’s club, her resolutions and more…

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copper-the-bet-champagne-reviewHave you ever wanted to report your debit card stolen after spending too much? That’s how I’m feeling this Sunday afternoon but whatever, you can’t take money with you into the afterlife so why not spend it all? As I recover from buyers remorse, I’m listening to the LA based band Copper The Bet’s new record Champagne. It’s lightening the mood with its ‘80s vibe and dance along ways. While it’s not the first thing I’d personally pop on, it’s definitely got an audience out there that’s ready for it.

The title track welcomes you to the album with a metropolitan dance party set in 1986. The alcohol is flowing and the neon is glowing with this one. “Avalanche” keeps that party going with it’s fun and catchy chorus but then things come to a halt with “Fair Weather Friends.” After that “Only One” and “Last Night” sit on the sidelines like the middle child at a family reunion. They’re appreciated but not doing much to stand out too much. Capping off this joint is a keeper. “When We Were Dancing” comes in with a solid 1-2 punch thanks to the video game inspired intro that quickly dies down but is not forgotten.

Copper The Bet captures the spirit of the decade that brought us the Material Girl, Scratch-N-Sniff stickers and Ghostbusters. It also captures a life in which dancing to forget your troubles is a possible option. If you like bands from today like Fitz and the Tantrums and Passion Pit, then this band’s your next obsession. If you like the sound of that, check out Champagne, out February 10.

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