Anthems, Trust and More with Shiffley

Photo Credit: AudLew
Photo Credit: AudLew

About a month ago Shiffley ended a quick fall run opening up for VanLadyLove on the east coast leg of their national tour. Shiffley’s own Alex Ganes noted of this particular set of dates, “This was the first time that we got to travel with a larger act and it was a huge learning experience for us. They have such a polished live sound—we picked up a lot from hanging with them.”

Learning is what this business, and life, is all about and these New Yorkers admit they’re still picking up little lessons here and there. We dove into trust within the music realm, their sound and more in the following back and forth…

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Deer Park Avenue: Deer Park Avenue

When you have a blog like this, the years and posts just keep coming and you don’t really recall when an artist or band came into your life – but the notables ones stick with you. Deer Park Avenue and me first connected four years ago. Can you believe that? I have people I’ve met in real life in the past year who I’ve forgotten, but this pair of rocking sisters? Nope. Sarah and Stephanie Snyder are two people I couldn’t shake thanks to their interesting story, continuous hard work and talent. Throughout the years I’ve watched their journey thanks to Facebook posts here and there, and just last week saw them drop their latest eponymous record.

Deer Park Avenue harkens on an alternative scene from a time when Third Eye Blind was all the rage. That’s what I heard loud and clear with the likes of “These Days” and their most mainstream sounding “When You’re Falling.” Those two were light in comparison to the more heavier tracks, “California (Close My Eyes) which had some punk undertones, and “I Know.” It isn’t usual for a pop rock band to find that balance between the two, but what I found surprising was this ballad of sorts, “Hey Little Girl.” A lot of heart is packed into that one and while it was out of left field in comparison – it was telling and definitely stood like a star. Really though, what I’d love to hear more from Deer Park Avenue is more of that Third Eye Blind-like realness; refreshing.

Blogging for years, you can easily forget a band here and there, but the tenacity of these sisters have caused them to be a constant not only in my life – but the lives of their growing fan base all these years. Now with that, if you’re a fan of pop rock that settles happily between the two, never leaning on either side for too long – then check out Deer Park Avenue, out now.