Wrapped in the Covers: Alanis Morissette “Ironic”

Over the weekend we went on a trip to Vegas to see the Backstreet Boys. They were good per usual, but I honestly had a lot more interest and fun trying to pick the best song of the ’90s. Making a list of a little over a 100 songs before the ride, I fell short. So we started to add a hell of a lot more before we hit the Strip. So on the way home we had a more well-rounded list. Anyways, while BSB won the bias winner with “I Want It That Way,” that second round saw Alanis Morissette’s “Ironic” take the number 2 spot. With that, let’s listen to some very well done covers of that classic ’90s hit.

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All The While with Hand Habits

Photo Credit: Chantal Anderson

Last month Hand Habits was all over the east coast with her latest release that also happened to drop around that time, Wildly Idle (Humble Before The Void). She rocked a trench coat, tossed in a cover and a gifted piece of black tourmaline from a friend on her for luck. Currently she’s in Austin, TX for a handful of dates at SXSW. Actually, make sure to keep tabs on her here to see where she’ll be the rest of the week! If you’re not in Austin, then this back and forth with her about east vs. west, changes and more will definitely suffice.

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Jen Janet: Dangerous

Nothing scared me more as a child than the reality of a hospital, but now here I am with the man I love more than anything as we face what I hope is the biggest hurdle of our lives. As the halls begin to buzz, I have Jen Janet in one ear, and my other on his vitals. Blood pressure high likely due to the stress of the situation, I try and let Janet’s Dangerous EP calm me down with an inviting sound that is far from the tiny room we’re cramped in for the time being. Read the rest at Coming Up Magazine…