The Written Years: The Written Years

the-written-years-self-title-reviewSometime between starting The Written Years this morning and now, I went blind. All I wanted was a quesadilla and I ended up with broken glasses. So now their self-titled album is the background to my saddened state as I work with Gorilla Glue to try and mend the problem. The Written Years can’t keep up with my heart rate, but it’s doing its best to ease the pain.

It’s no surprise that my ears fancied “It’s Not Your Fault.” It was this nice indie song that didn’t try too hard to be obscure for the sake of being ironic. It was easy on the ears and made my ears take notice as my eyes were preoccupied with hazy stares. That song was the whole package, while “The Station” was purely about the music. The lyrics were lost as I was too in tune with the gorgeous arrangement that kicked the song of. With that said, there were times during the record that I wasn’t tuned in at all. “Homesick Dirge” was a downer and “Are You Okay?” just trudged on without really getting anywhere for me. Then in between the uppers and the downers was the intellectual – “You’re Too Kind.” It was the song you’d hear coming out of that grad school students earbuds in the halls of an Ivy League. It just had this mature, yet youthful, somewhat worldly vibe to it.

In case you’re wondering and were unaware, Gorilla Glue expands and now it looks like there’s a spider egg sack on my glasses – but they’re holding. So with that, you should check out The Written Years if you’re into The Canvas Waiting and other rock bands that rely on melodies. You have only one week until you can get your hands on The Written Years, out January 28th.


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