The Assembly Line: The Places We Leave Behind

the-assembly-line-the-places-we-leave-behind-reviewAlong with blogger and professional Nick Carter information center, I’m adding counselor to my resume. So if you have a problem, hit me up but be warned that I don’t sugar coat my advice. With that being said, I had no real advice as I was listening to The Assembly Line’s The Places We Leave Behind. It was a pretty straight forward pop rock record that bordered on indie at times, but for the most part kept things light and youthful.

When The Places We Leave Behind started, I thought I was dealing with an older indie band who likely play in the hipster utopia of Silverlake thanks to “Tonight (There’s Only Us).” Then they shaved off 5-10 years with a couple that corporate at Hollister would demand be played during their back to school sales, “The Tide” and “Photographs.” As regulars of this site know, I’m a sucker for cute songs and that’s why “Just Kids” took the crown for me. I could imagine The Assembly Line pulling out an uber-cheesy music video for this one.

At first I thought The Assembly Line was one of those indie bands I’d likely never see, but in the end I could see them touring with There For Tomorrow or Beta State. It’s good, clean pop rock that’s slightly older sounding than bands like The Summer Set, but not old to the point that it sounds like it belongs in your weird uncle’s stereo. The Places We Leave Behind is out September 17th.


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