The Longwalls: Kowloon

the-longwalls-kowloon-reviewThat monkey that got lose and ended up in an Ontario Ikea has been making me laugh for two days straight. Usually those stories don’t get much out of me, but this monkey was wearing a dashing coat and today someone put the pictures with Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles,” so it was hard to stop listening to that on repeat and put on The Longwalls’ Kowloon. When I finally stopped giggling at Darwin (the monkey’s real name), I found Kowloon to be an album best suited for indie music fans who like those kids with the pumped up kicks, but whose album collections lean a more towards that folky, almost country side of the scale.

Like Darwin looking for his owner, I too set out to find the best Kowloon had to offer and came up with a trio. “Big MT” was a light indie track that kept talking about the “day you were born,” which I’m glad is an incident I can’t recall, but alas it stood out for the airiness of it. Another one on my “listen again” list is “Liberty Bell” for its similarity to Foster The People, but it’s “Long for Shipwrecks” that should get every listeners attention with the infection whistling incorporated into it.

Now heading to the core of The Longwalls sound; folk. “Woods Pretty” was a laid back trip down the bayou, while “Bring Me Peace” kept the folk going strong, but verged on country with the emotion encased in each word that escaped.

As far as all of the above are concerned, they’re your best bets. I can’t say that goes for every part of Kowloon though. Songs like “Vaasa” and “Maybe Golden” weren’t too great and led me to pass them by like a train in the night.

The Longwalls Kowloon didn’t make me burst into laughter like Darwin, but that’s a good thing because their honest folk music involved a lot of depth that fans of The Lumineers and The Tower and The Fool will enjoy. Kowloon is out now on Static Motor Recordings, so get to it.


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