Una Jensen: Shout It Loud And Clear

As I sit here with an extra ticket for a panel featuring people from New Girl and Raising Hope, I come to the conclusion that I have very little friends and none of them can go. I sit with the thought of asking my crush and I start to feel a panic attack coming on, thank goodness I have Una Jensen’s Shout It Loud And Clear to gorge on because I am out of Oreos.

Una’s brand of pop rock is heavy on the pop and offers rock that’s similar to Selena Gomez and The Scene with her catchy “Your Eyes.” Another one that gives off that pop smell comes across like a J-14 reader’s wet dream, “Material Boy.” It’s a bit like Taylor Swift in the lyric department, but all in all one that will be inescapable if you find yourself in its way. If it’s rock you’re looking for then head straight to “Never Thought.” If you’re into what We Are The In Crowd do, then this song is right up your alley.

Let’s get to the reason Una Jensen may very well be the next Carly Rae Jepsen…despite their similar last names…“Let’s Write A Song.” It’s everything that makes a song that winds up on a NOW compilation. It’s universal, simple and fun. If NOW doesn’t pick this up, it’s definitely pegged for the next season of Glee. Dear Chris Colfer, sing this one because you’re the only reason I ever got interested in that show.

Any girl who sports Converse with dress is okay in my book and on top of that can make music to make me forget I have less friends than Sheldon Cooper, that’s a definite plus. Una Jensen’s Shout It Loud And Clear is a pop record with a rock attitude, so fans of Avril Lavigne’s The Best Damn Thing and Hey Monday are invited to the Una Jensen realm, so get her new EP, out August 28th.


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