Us, Ghosts: Us, Ghosts

Who needs coffee in the morning when in the quiet of the AM Us, GhostsUs, Ghosts throws you into reality. Well not really throw, so much as pushes your ass off a cliff. It’s a definite wakeup call and I can tell you the people around me on the LA Metro were not too happy about the volume at which I was listening to this one.

The association of clean vocals every so often in “Chopping Down The Family Tree” was a nice break…at first. Then when things were too simple and serene, there was a sense of fear that crept in. I thought, what clash of hardcore Titans was to come, a wall of death maybe? It wasn’t that intense when things picked back up. But as far as take goes, “Head & Heart” took the cake on that one. Not until the end did that “in your face” musical threat come back into play.

Us, GhostsUs, Ghosts is consistent throughout, and makes for a ceaseless flow. They know what they’re good at and go for it. Since we’re a society based on comparisons, one would cradle their post-hardcore sound to acts like Attack Attack! and Asking Alexandria.

Us, Ghosts is streaming on their Facebook page right now, so go check it out and get some new music in your life!


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