GML: Go, Go!

Soon enough I will be watching the new Power Rangers movie. I had to refrain from wearing one of my tees or even my sweater, and wearing pants as to not let my tattoo show. Don’t want to be the super fan. Before I do that though, let’s take a look at who’s heading out on tour soon. Well right now Tim Kasher is already out on the road and will be until June 11th. The Elliots kick off their run that’ll last about two weeks tonight in New Jersey. Next week Radkey will start in Colorado, and they’ll be out until almost the end of June.

Come April Sheer Mag will be in California on the 9th and on the road until May 26th when they wind down in Tennessee. You can check out those dates fully below. April is also the month of Coachella, which is exactly where Tall Juan is going to be. He’ll then head overseas in May for a month-long tour. Last up for announcements in April, Sabaton will be out for a month starting on the 20th in Pennsylvania, ending over in Maryland in May.

Speaking of May, that’s when Mother Mother will be out and about. Around the same time Henry Jamison will also be out but he’ll be going from Massachusetts to Canada during May. Lastly, Saintseneca will be starting on the 19th in DC before ending in Massachusetts on June 24th. That’s it for the tour news, now for some videos!

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Thursday Tracks: Hardest Vocals to Achieve

An avid watched of American Idol for years and someone who looks for covers weekly, I have come to realize that there are some songs that are damn near impossible for the common person to try and emulate. The following are songs that I truly believe you cannot sing unless you have the utmost vocal skills. I’ve heard a many try and some have been able to get as close as they can and that’s all they can do because in the end these are the hardest songs to sing…ever.

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