Cocoa Futures: The Blue

A lot has been swirling around in my mind lately; go back to school, save for a year or so then buy a van and travel with my boyfriend, become a kickboxer – see, them thoughts – they are a plenty. Then I shake them off come Monday morning when I settle down with a new release and put my energy towards deciphering an album placed before me, or rather my inbox. This week it’s Cocoa Futures’ The Blue EP; indie pop with a pinch of funk.

Enough songs to give you just enough of an energy boost, The Blue presents three songs that definitely appear in the same family holiday card but that each bring something different to the overall picture. The title track seems to be that lively cousin who is always down to do something and is a bit out there. Bringing the most funk to the table, “The Blue” appeared to be the song you cannot wait to hear live. Then you have the uncle who is Big Bang Theory intelligent in “Bee.” Lyrically smart and sounding a bit like a mixture of the ‘70s and ‘80s, this one has a great throwback packaging. Last but of course never least is the shining star that no one can touch, be it the all-star athlete or the modelesque family member…that’s “The Grey.” All because this one sounded ready for radio. It possesses the finesse to capture listeners within a few notes and make them want more.

With everything going on in my mind, I was glad I was able to push those thoughts aside for a second to let Cocoa Futures’ The Blue in this morning so that in turn I could release some tidbits I had while listening with you. Fans of new school indie pop that has a bit of a funk edge to it will want to check this record out. So don’t just sit there, get The Blue, out now.

#FBF: Not the Snake Britney

Wrapping up this year we’re going to look back every Friday at TV performances or musical moments that have gone on to make a lasting impression in my life. While there have been a million and one Backstreet Boys’ performances on the small screen, none of them will be highlighted over the next four weeks. What?! I know, I know. I just wanted to spread the love, so we’ll keep it in that realm and start with Britney Spears in that nude looking suit at the VMAs.

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