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the-glass-child-i-must-be-gone-and-live-or-stay-and-die-reviewRemember when I set my alarm to wake up really early this morning to get ready for my Halloween weekend? Yeah, me either – I slept two hours extra but in my defense I was sucked into a really horrible Jake Gyllenhaal movie on TBS until like 3:30am. But I trudged out of bed and the first thing I did was put on The Glass Child’s I Must Be Gone And Live, Or Stay And Die. She’s an old friend of Golden Mixtape and I’m glad she’s got a full length filled with her signature gypsy like vocals that draw up visions of pop gone bad, in a good way.

I’ve always been a fan of The Glass Child’s vocals. She has this feminine Gogol Bordello-like charm to her that you don’t hear too often. However, I will say when “The Fall” started I thought she’d ditched that and gone a little more towards the traditional pop side with a twist. Then what I was used to from her last record came through and girl, girl has written some pretty telling tales about the aftermath of a breakup. “Yesterday” was one of them and a gem. I love the growls tossed in between softer, heartfelt moments. Then you had another broken heart in “Winter Girls” and the slow jam, “The Water’s Edge.” Overall my ears were most pleased with “London.” I’ve never been but if this song that bares the same name is similar, I’m sure I’d like it there.

There are similar artists like The Glass Child who create pop music with a darkened edge. Lorde and Melanie Martinez come to mind but in my world she came first, but if you like those other two you should definitely check out I Must Be Gone And Live, Or Stay And Die. It’s out now and definitely a treat and not a trick. Happy Halloween to all that are celebrating and remember, better safe than sorry.

farewell-nick-wan-dainty-review.jpgIt’s been a couple weeks since I’ve had time to sit down with my Sega and take in some Columns 3, but luckily I had Farewell, Nick Wan’s Dainty to fill the void. It’s not because it’s music that filled a musical yearning but more so because it sounded like some of the music you’d find throughout classic video games.

Chiptune music is something that still boggles my mind and I’m sad I didn’t think to get into that. Video games is a huge industry and the diehards love everything about it from the graphics to the sounds. So it’s no surprise that artists like Farewell, Nick Wan exist. Right off the bat I was tossed into that techy sound with “Still Afraid” and it didn’t stop there. There was the quick “With Me” and the rightfully titled “Winners and Losers.” I liked it though when things were ruffled a little. You had a Spanish flare in “Lies” and then got some rock with “Dainty.”

If you’re a gamer who is captivated by every aspect of sport, especially the music, than I suggest you check out Farewell, Nick Wan. You’ll love that he takes chiptune and adds his own eccentricities to the mix. You can check out Dainty, out now.

dear-you-i-can-only-blame-myself-reviewLast week I actually had a job where I had to leave the confines of my apartment and sit in an office. Thank goodness for friends, but I realized that I could never have one of those normal jobs because my blogging would take a beating. I am behind a week and it’s officially crunch time as I tried to multitask and listen to Dear You’s I Can Only Blame Myself while making a top 10 list. Their pop punk was quite the distracting because after one time through I was singing along.

Kicking things off with the title track, it was a good overall experience. The vocals are a bit grizzly and the packaging is like that of The Wonder Years. I actually didn’t like “Shipwreck” the first time through but as the record played on and on, it became a favorite. So don’t write it off too soon. The same can be said of “Castles.” I couldn’t help but compare them to TWYS again with “Maybe I Didn’t Feel A Thing,” but the icing on this pop punk came at the end. “Have You Already Forgotten My Name” has a stellar chorus that is in between well constructed verses. While it takes some time to warm up to the center of this record, the bookends are instant favorites.

I’m glad to be back blogging and even happier that I got back into the swing of things with this album. If you’re a fan of the new era of pop punk that’s got more of a grit to it, check out Dear You’s I Can Only Blame Myself, out now.