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man-on-earth-self-titled-reviewIt’s been like 20 minutes of me just having a mental, one-sided conversation while staring at a blank canvas. It’s one of those days and I think it’s coming from broken weekend plans. I’m bummed, but moving on because how can one be sad with Man On Earth’s self-titled is spinning round? It’s got this pop rock attitude that’s matured like a graduate student writing their final paper; everything’s in place and they know they’ve got at least a B+.

Songs like “Bang Bang Bitch” and “There” are okay, but when you want to get to the ones that make this record something to hold onto, you have to look at a couple others. “If Not Now Then When” is a common statement uttered by the deep thinkers out there, and it’s not different here. Only Man On Earth gives it this fresh new makeover – making it lively instead of a daunting, philosophical idea. The other one to keep an ear open to is “We Are The Dreamers” solely based on the lyrics that lay within the confines of the band’s softer approach in the music that caps off the album.

I’m still talking to myself, but hopefully my mom answers her phone sometime soon to end this solo babble. While I wait for that to happen, make sure to note that if you’re into bands that sit somewhere between Goo Goo Dolls and American Authors, then you’ll likely think Man On Earth is the bees knees. So check out Man On Earth, out now.

the-lungs-puddlesplasher-reviewThe news warned of rain but as far as I could tell from the window that sits a few feet away from me, the sun is still shining in the late morning hours of my current existence as I settle down with The Lungs’ Puddlesplasher. It played on a loop as a trudged through the muddy sounds its grunge atmosphere; emerging with nothing more than what’s below.

The slow starts of “Small” and its partners in crime reminded me of those suspenseful horror movies I’m not too fond of, not because this was some Goth music spooking me…Just to make that clear. I need action, and I need it now. Those people out there unlike me who live for the buildup, the tension between the starting line and last stretch – this is the kind of music for you. Much like the whiskey mentioned in “Wet Leaves,” The Lungs offer up an acquired taste with their muddled sounds that interweave through words that sound like they’re in a constant state of despair.

There’s still no rain in LA, and that’s a good thing as I wrap this up and think about the rest of my day; a trip to Target is about to get underway. So before I spend money I shouldn’t, let me leave you with this – The Lungs are for those who admire the raw appeal of garage bands who tore a page out of the ‘90s grunge playbook. If you like that, then check out The Lungs’ Puddlesplasher, out now.

goddamnit-how-to-take-the-burn-review Wake up, write about celebrities, eat oatmeal, listen to Goddamnit’s How To Take The Burn and then take a nap. That’s my life as of this morning and now that the cat nap’s out of the way I’m ready to dish about a record that reminds me of what Warped Tour was built on – until my generation came in, and later bands with more vampires than Twilight. Anyways, Goddamnit’s serving up good old fashioned punk rock and it’s about time we all dig in.

I’m not as cool as a Jawbreaker fan, so songs like “Hear About It” and the title track, “How to Take the Burn” weren’t for me. They were more tailored for those who can fully appreciate the punk. I leaned more towards the softer ones like “It’s Not Astronomy” and “With Whiskey.” I also appreciated in the bounce in “Citywide.” Those few were my go-to songs, but I think the majority tuning into to Goddamnit will definitely run to the first two mentioned as well as “We Play Craps” and “New Perfumes.” It’s cool, I’m used to being in the minority.

After this I’ll try really hard not to reward myself with another trip to the couch; blog life. I’ll post this about and let you know that if you’re into bands like Small Brown Bike and Quicksand then you’ll definitely dig what Goddamnit has going on with their new album. You can check out How To Take The Burn, out now on Creep Records.