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the-color-and-sound-peace-of-mind-reviewFor those who read these every day or at least once a week, you know I loathe working for this one dude in particular. Well all that’s over and I’m happy to say that I was fired/quit on Friday evening. It was as if a weight was lifted and I could breathe again. So come this Monday morning I was all giddy to officially start my life as just a writer and it couldn’t be more perfect that the album up today is Peace Of Mind by The Color And Sound. I’d heard of this band, the name was familiar but if you’d asked me about their sound – I’d have drawn a blank. Now I can say I’m a fan. I even liked their page on my personal Facebook to prove my appreciation for this indie pop record.

It only took six songs to win me over. The lyrics were typical to that of a 20-something writing music – life, moving on, change and so forth and so on. So there’s a little something for everyone. Usually the words are what I gravitate towards most and while The Color And Sound wrote some great line in songs like “Bad Blood” and “Gone”, it was the music I loved most. You had kind of an indie hoedown with the rapid fire heard throughout “Cigarettes,” and a lot of fun in “Back to Me.” So take great lyrics and piece them together with exceptionally well done music and you have a complete puzzle that won’t leave you screaming about missing parts. We’ve all been there, “Where the hell is that corner piece?!” Nope, none of that with Peace Of Mind.

So I’m happy to have started this day with this record and if your musical tastes sit somewhere between fun. and Say Anything, then you’ll dig what The Color And Sound are dishing out. You can get your hands on Peace Of Mind, out now on Black Numbers.

mikey-erg-warren-franklin-split-reviewThis morning I woke up at 8am and then rolled over on the couch. 9am I told myself…and then at 9:15 I stumbled over to my phone, texted an editor, found out there was nothing to write and then put on Mikey Erg and Warren Franklin’s Split. It gave me a taste of nostalgia for a decade I was never a part of but then made me play favorites like some sort of honest parent – parents who say they don’t have a favorite are liars.

So four tracks, two songs each – one was bound to win me over more than the other and when it came to each artist and their songs, that was the case as well. I’m going to be a liar and say that the playing level was easy and just talk about the better of each pair of tracks. For Mikey Erg, the greaser vibes of “You’ve Never Heard ‘My Aim Is True’” was a better ride than “Three Cheers for the Liberty Bells.” I just felt like I was listening to some more mature What’s Eating Gilbert with the first, while the other just sort of sat there. That’s how I felt with Warren Franklin’s “Please Return.” It played but my mind didn’t stay, but at least “See Him Again” was there to pull it together them in the end with some soft rock.

Mikey Erg and Warren Franklin went well together and I’ll let you go ahead and pick your favorite of the pair. In the mean time I think I’m going to go back to the couch for what’ll be my second nap of the day (I’m aware it’s 11am and I’m what’s wrong with my generation). While I do that, you can get Split because it’s out now on Count Your Lucky Stars.

soapbox-army-maps-reviewLast night I endured one of the weirdest crowds ever to see Limp Bizkit…by myself. Yes, I was rollin’ solo but it was all good and now I’m sitting here recovering from a phone call with my Satan boss and drowning out his voice with Soapbox Army’s Maps. Three original songs, a cover and a nice rock sound, that’s how one could sum up this album for a cheat sheet.

“Say Something New” felt a little like Weezer under an indie blanket. I loved the line, “blame something new.” I feel like that that’s how we all are – we see a problem and find anything to blame. “Creatures” was also a song that I felt many could relate to because they mention being “wound up for nothing.” Of all the originals though, it was “Brick Moon” that stood the tallest thanks to the extra rock push I felt it had. The others played it safe, but this one took it a bit further. As for the cover, Soapbox Army took on David Bowie’s “Dead Man Walking” and they did it justice. It’s just one of those songs that if sang right can put you in a trance.

Now it’s time for me to roll on to the next thing on my list, but before I go I want to tell you that if you’re looking for over the top rock – this record’s not for you. This one is reserved for those who want their rock a little more indie like, but not to the point where it’s hipster chic. If that sounds like something you’re in the market for, check out Soapbox Army’s Maps, out now September 23rd.