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the-larch-in-transit-reviewA nap was taken right before I sat down to write this. Yes, it’s not even noon and yes, I have only been up since 9am – but I’m drained and heading towards another breakdown in 5…4…3…2…let’s talk about The Larch’s In Transit though before I freak out about other things and get distracted by reality. Somewhere between an eclectic person who marches to the beat of the sound in their head and a college station in the ‘90s sits this record, so let’s get to it.

While some 19-year-old at a state school in ’93 would’ve been spinning “Welcome To The Institute,” there’s an ‘80s teen movie that wishes it could go back in time and add “Science & Charity” to its soundtrack. In between the decades you got a weird treat with “Saturn’s In Transit.” It was an odd sounding song, but it’s definitely okay to be a little out there – you stick out more. Then you landed on the ironic with “Images of Christmas” because it sounded more like the summer. Guess it was a California holiday?

So there you have it, a nap and a review of a record that’s for fans of The Larch’s previous works like Days to the West. They both give off that ‘90s aroma. So if you still don’t want to admit that decade’s over – check out In Transit, out now.

stacy-clark-symmetry-reviewKnow the times you stay up until like 5am playing a video game from ’93 and then wake up at 9am just because you’ll feel bad for sleeping any later? Welcome to my Monday everyone, nice to see you. After a couple of hours of a zombie like state and discussing my personal life with my new found therapist/friend, I put on Stacy Clark’s Symmetry and honestly didn’t know what to expect. I have so much on my plate that when I say I’ll do a review, I rarely preview it beforehand – so I was jumping into this airy pop blind.

I felt like maybe I stumbled upon something like Christina Perri – that mature pop that 20-30-somethings really dig. It’s radio friendly enough, but still has this sense of not being too mainstream. “Figured It Out” was a cute sounding track that dealt with a heavier topic while “Days Into Nights” kind of stepped it up in the music department, giving off an even older vibe. Not too much, but just a bit. This is when the Perri comparison clicked in my head. Then you had “Lose My Mind” with a lyric I can relate oh too well to, “seeing you makes me lose my mind.” In case that person reads this, I do have to hide the Facebook chat box thing to not see your face, because as much as I hate you – I want you. Anyways, that track seemed to be the love child of the first two, making it Hannah Montana – the best of both worlds. That’s really just the surface of what to expect from this record though.

It was short and sweet and a record fans of singer songwriters with an extra bounce in their step could really sink their teeth into. Go ahead, taste the music. So taste it and get involved with it very, very soon. Stacy Clark’s Symmetry drops July 22nd, so no excuses about forgetting!

reward-painted-desperation-reviewIn west Philadelphia born and raised…is a band that spends most of their days…In actuality I’m not sure if Reward is from the east or west of the that city – but I do know they just put out a record called Painted Desperation last month and that if you’re a fan of Title Fight or Balance and Composure, you’re likely to want to hop on their ride now.

I’ll admit this record wasn’t for me because I’m not a fan of this kind of rock – at times a little too heavy with “Teamocil” and not really doing much for me with “Soft Teeth.” However, I did like the lyrics of “Seep” and all in all the end of the album held its best moments. “Hooked” gets you by being just enough, but it’s the lead single, “Bob,” that’s the clear cut star. It started a little worrisome at first vocally by I was really feeling the music so much that I gave it so many more listens and ended up really enjoying it thoroughly.

Would the Fresh Prince toss this record on? I’m not sure because I have no clue what Will Smith listens to nowadays, but you should check it out Reward you, again, like the aforementioned bands and need something new in your life. You can get Painted Desperation, out now on Mutant League Records.