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the-emptiness-sadie-hawaii-reviewEmails that let you go are the worst. So I’m down a writing gig and freaking out just a little. Those of you who have steady jobs – you truly don’t understand how lucky you are. As I sit on Craigslist and other job sites I have The Emptiness’ Sadie, Hawaii on a loop. It has the heart of a singer songwriter album and a powerful soul.

Not all things are grand, that’s just the truth and when it came to this record I could’ve done without “The Girl Next Door” just because it wasn’t as strong a player as those around it. I’d say the same about “I Found God on the Train Bridge,” but the reason I didn’t grasp that one was because it was a bit dark compared to the rest. What I did notice though was that The Emptiness was able to crank out a couple of songs that were destined for VH1 greatness and one that I swear was written for me just this morning as I received yet another job breakup email.

If you’re wondering which tracks to give a chance to first then may I introduce you to “Leaving (Jet Plane)” and “Matter.” The first has a great, fresh chorus and clean lines throughout while the other relies heavily on the strong vocal performance that makes the words come out in this very captivating omnipresent way. Then there’s “my” song “49.” Hello, look at this line – “the girl with big brown eyes just needs an escape.” As a matter of fact I’m running away after I post this review. I’ll be back in the morning.

Before I do a little spiraling out of control for the day I do have to commend The Emptiness on the professionalism heard on this album. While I didn’t enjoy it 100% I can say I did like the majority, so the odds are in its favor. So if you’re a fan of power vocalists and singer songwriter elements, check out Sadie, Hawaii, out now.

american-wolf-my-main-sport-reviewIt has been more than a year since we’ve heard anything new from American Wolf. Last time around they dropped Myriad and it was very low key Silversun Pickups with songs that went on for miles. This time around things are more or less the same only even more so like a dream in slow motion with My Main Sport.

Right when “Our Weight” started I jotted down “if Coheed and Cambria mated with Bjork.” After a couple runs that sentiment still holds true. You have that falsetto voice being dispersed in music that has a very dream like state. That’s the whole record though. Every song has its own story to tell but overall the sound remains the same. You’re on one long train ride and tracks like “My Main Sport” and “Cave Fantasy” are your pillows – set for comfort. See, what is good about songs like these is they put you at ease while still remaining interesting.

They say they’re dream pop, I’d say more dream alternative but nevertheless you have a key word in each that really allows you to grasp what this record is all about. It’s creating this musical universe where things are a little fuzzy and things move at their own pace. If you like artists like well, obviously Silversun Pickups then you’ll likely want to check out what American Wolf is all about. How do you do that? Well by picking up My Main Sport, out now.

onslo-self-titled-reviewIt’s been 10 minutes since I sat down with this blank page and I’ve written a couple of intros. All saw the backspace doom. Usually I’d fill this part with an anecdote about my current state that mirrored the record on deck but my dismal reality was not pulling any similarities to Onslo’s self-titled. For I’m just a girl almost 30 and over it while the album is this obscure take on rock that mixes psychedelic elements with post rock measurements.

I’ll just start with what I didn’t like – “Slave Ship” and “Cut M A Switch.” I got scared off by the titles but luckily those were at the end and the beginning wasn’t so intimidating. The start was actually the best part. “Bear Experience,” although weird was a good time. It was “BSIAR” though that really did this record in and drew comparisons to The Vines. It took me a minute to remember the name of that band by the way…images of The Strokes kept popping up and I had to shut them down. Ryan Murphy may have wanted to tag “Queen Of The Harpies” to American Horror Story: Freak Show. This isn’t because it is creepy, but because the music does have a circus flare to it. In the end though Onslo left me wondering about one thing, who the heck is “Chris Floyd?”

While there were some songs that failed to win me over, there were just as many that actually broke through to me because usually this isn’t my thing. This is the type of music band geeks freak out over, the kind that leaves real musicians amazed. It’s not for the girl who gets down to Backstreet Boys (in 2014). So if you’re like the latter and not like me, check out Onslo, out now.