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gone-by-friday-quarter-life-crisis-reviewIt’s always funny when a record comes through at a time when it just needs to be in your life. While I wasn’t so big on the sound of Gone By Friday – it was a little too raw, too Sum-41 for me at times – I absolutely loved the lyrics. Almost 30 and still finding myself attaching to words about being a loser. Only instead of being one because of a lack of party invites, it’s being one due to sucking at this thing called life. That’s what Quarter Life Crisis is all about.

If you’re a fan of that pop punk that’s more like New Found Glory’s Nothing Gold Can Stay, then this is record for you – soundwise. It’s not perfect by any means, but that’s where the punk mentality comes in. Enough about that because that’s not what I liked at all. For me, it was all about the lyrics. “The Hadean’s” “I’m a wreck but I’m not done yet” and wasting time in “Poison Jam.” Those are words that stick out to me, especially after a temp agency basically said I was a waste of their time due to a lack of office experience last week. It wasn’t all pitch imperfect though. There was some sweet to this record with “600 Miles.” It started off making you think it was a full on acoustic gem, and while it sped up a bit – it was still something different that broke up the record in the middle of things. Sadly though “Say My Name” is not their rendition of a Destiny’s Child classic, but they end strong as hell with “The Story So Forgotten.” It’s one of those songs that you know will make for a great live sing-along.

While it wasn’t my cup of tea musically, it was a great listening experience nevertheless thanks to lyrics that aided me as I’m not feeling too hot in the job part of life. I mean, I’m happy blogging but it sucks when the outside world views you as a loser for it. It gets to you, but you have to remember to be like Taylor, shake it off and move on. Singing along to Gone By Friday helps with that. So if you’re a fan of pop punk and need something to help because you’re feeling low, check out Quarter Life Crisis, out March 31.

lovesucker-lovesucker-reviewBack before I was born, during the decade Dazed and Confused was set – funk was really big. It was this type of music that has since left the mainstream but has left remnants here and there. Today it can be heard sparingly on the charts but there are very few artists who take it on and do the funk masters of yesterday proud. One of those artists is Lovesucker. Their self-titled record takes funk, twists it up in an alternative way and adds a dash of other elements to create a style that makes them a sassy musical treat.

Kicking things off with “Mississippi,” Lovesucker sounds like a record that would sit next to the likes of Fitz and The Tantrums. As they show you more, “Show Me” shows off a very sensual side of the group that encases a lot of soul. It’s weird and it’s not like I listened to him a lot of have seen him, but “Don’t You Leave Me Now” sounds like a Kid Rock song. Okay, not the whole thing, but the start does have a Southern Rock feel to it that gets played down as the track goes on. Lastly, they may want to reach out to Chevonne and The Fuzz to do some shows together because “Guns and Gasoline” would fit in perfectly with their crowds.

Funk may not be the powerhouse it once was, but it’s still a force to be reckoned with when put to good use. It’s a style that not many can take on, but Lovesucker has managed to take it and make it their own. If you’re a fan of funk, check out Lovesucker, out now.

more-than-skies-self-titled-reviewHostage to the UPS man today. Why do they and cable people give you such a large window for when they’ll show up? I won’t be going for my walk but I have to write stupid lists today (not fun top 10, but lengthy ones that take too long). Before all that goes down, I had the pleasure and experience of taking in More Than Skies’ self-titled. It was different. You know, that’s what you say when you really want to say it’s a bit odd. While it started off – different – it did get better.

My mind wandered to a one-hit wonder when “A Sunday Afternoon Epilepsy” began. Vocally I couldn’t help but be reminded of Shawn Mullins’ “Lullaby.” Then we got into something that was a bit too indie and hipster for my taste with “Euphoria.” Note, that More Than Skies has a lot of tracks, so this is just a sample of what to expect. There are 24 tracks to be exact and by the time “White Pine Way” rolled around I was happy with the album. It was fun and upbeat compared to where things started and then while “New Year’s Retribution” was pretty, it was a bit long. That mentality comes from my days working in radio promotion – that’d song would never work in the mainstream aspect – radio was made for most of us with ADD.

The UPS man still hasn’t arrived but he has until five and I’m sure he’ll knock at 4:59pm. While I wait, I want you to check out More Than Skies if you like indie music that has a very eccentric feel to it. More Than Skies is out March 24th, so check it very soon *cough* tomorrow *cough.*