It seems that everywhere you turn there’s some hotter than reality girl with a music blog. And for every one of those, there’s a badass dude with a neck tat (probably a Senses Fail lyric) who is BFF with every band.

I, nor any of my friends, are those things. We’re the geeks who like to push through 14 year olds at All Time Low, dance to Four Year Strong, and would skip almost anything if New Found Glory announced a surprise show in our hood.

Our musical tastes span from our prepubescent love of cheesy TRL pop, Backstreet Boys and N*SYNC, to Coachella soundtrack hipsters, We Are Scientists, to the new class of pop punk, The Wonder Years and Fireworks.

We’re not the girls who’ll turn heads with our exteriors, and that’s fine… Yeah, (some) artsits are attractive, but I never got into writing to bang anyone. I mean some firefighters are smoldering, you don’t see me training with a hose… Simply put, Golden Mixtape wasn’t started to be “cool” because after two decades, if we haven’t achieved it, we never will. Golden Mixtape was created so a group of outspoken girls who love creativity in music, TV, and movies could put their mark somewhere other than in each others Twitter feeds.

– Kendra

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